Who doesn’t dream of an excursion to the Hamptons? Quaint little shops, lazy strolls down the street, the Oceanside stretching out in from of you like an old, fabulous friend. It’ a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and I got my first opportunity to do so just recently. Lemme tell you about it.

Have you heard of Super Saturday? If you love designer fashion (like me) but you’re not Hamptons-rich (also like me) then chances are, you probably have. In case you haven’t heard of Super Saturday (because you live under a rock) here’s the gist: it’s a weekend of power-shopping tons of marked down designer brands hosted in the Hamptons and it all benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance. It goes beyond guilt-free shopping – this is shopping for a cause. And everyone can get behind that, amirite?

My ride or die for the weekend, my cousin!

So. Super Saturday happened. It was super. It was intense. And luckily for me, it was made a little easier by a couple of angels named Aileen and Aimee who helped me put together a plan of action so I didn’t get swept away by a tidal wave of Michael Kors-clad, balayaged veterans.

Actually, it wasn’t that intense. Sure, it was crowded – I even literally bumped into Rachel Zoe’s sister who commented that it was like bumper cars in there and we had a good laugh – but all in all it was tremendously well-organized. They even had a carnival and lots of family activities for the kids, which I was very impressed with. I definitely want to go again next year!

Aside from Super Saturday, we spent our time checking out the different parts of the Hamptons and reveling in the general to-die-for-ness of the whole aesthetic. Everywhere you look are manicured lawns sprawling with wild flowers, gorgeous summer homes and picturesque neighborhoods. It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting for the rich and fabulous. Ahhh, anyway.

Yes, everything in the Hamptons is this adorable.

Yes, everything in the Hamptons is this adorable.

We started off in Southampton and loved it. No shortage of great little shops – my personal fave was Kyle by Alene Too, which I frequented three times during our stay. The Southampton location has a whole different vibe than the Beverly Hills store and is stocked with exclusive items that you can’t find online or in any other stores. They had really unique stuff for a fair price (hence me going back three separate times!) and it was certainly my favorite shop that we found.

We visited Bridgehampton which was, you guessed it, super cute and had a must-see candy store. Yummo! Easthampton had more shopping, amazing eats, and an adorable grocery store called Citarella. I could have lived in that grocery store, I swear – charcuterie boards, little parties, general smells of wonderfulness. Definitely my kinda place!

We returned to Southampton one more time before departing so I could say goodbye to the town I had come to adore (and also so I could swing by Tate’s to get more cookies, tbh) and then we headed back home to good ole hotter-n-hell Austin. I will miss picking up coffee from the Golden Pear, miss oversized floppy sun hats and windmills and flower shops and all the incredible things I discovered in the Hamptons. Until next year, my dear Hamptons, until next year.

Until then, I’ve got some work to do!