I recently took a trip to L.A. and have decided that it was made for me. Every palm tree, every fabulous outfit, every delicious restaurant and each and every ray of sun – Made. For. Me.

While in Los Angeles, I combined a little bit of work and pleasure cause you know I gotta hustle. I visited some of my favorite stores handing out look books and speaking to buyers. From cute boutiques to more trendy stores – such as Fred Segall – I learned a lot and had a great experience! Turns out the more upscale places aren’t necessarily less accessible, and vice versa. It was a great lesson in going in with an open mind and a willing spirit and seeing what doors open up!

L.A., as can be expected, is very much on top of the fashion scene. You’ve really gotta be on your A game in this town – no access without making an appointment first, no slowing down, and no flinching. You really need a thick skin to stay in the flow of it all. I did meet a lot of terrific and kind people, though, and am really looking forward to working with people in this great city!

Some rad street art, which you can find all over L.A.

Some rad street art, which you can find all over L.A.

My favorite place of all was Malibu – I loved everything about it from the Pacific Coast Highway to my new favorite eatery Marmalade Café. The pace in Malibu is super laid back and relaxing, with gorgeous beach views and perfect weather. I really liked people watching in Nobu, as well as West Hollywood – that place is full of movers and shakers. The Griffith Obervatory was lovely, but the Walk of Fame was dirty and overrated in my opinion, so if you’re planning a trip to L.A. I’d skip that particular outing if I were you.

One of my favorite outings was going to SUR, the restaurant where they film Vanderpump Rules. They were filming while I was there (eek!) and I got to see lots of behind the scenes goings-ons and was basically just fangirling the whole time. My two sons and husband, however, seemed totally uninterested in the whole thing. Whatever. Some people (ahem, my family) don’t appreciate the finer things in life like reality tv. I digress.

The entire setting in L.A. is really just beautiful and screams of luxury. The houses loom extravagantly behind thick fences and greenery, the streets are lined with Rolls Royces, Ferraris, and Limousines; and of course, the fashion is upscale and unique and delightful. In a nutshell, I can say pretty confidently that L.A. is my new favorite city. When should I move in?