Austin Fashion Week: Prologue
Details, Deadlines, and Dedication

When I received an email several months ago asking if I would create a collection to debut at Austin Fashion week, I was ecstatic. Beyond ecstatic, I was in total disbelief. Me? Have my own runway show during Fashion week? I must be dreaming – though Adam Levine is conspicuously absent…so, maybe I’m not dreaming after all!

Fast forward several months and here we are: Austin Fashion Week 2017 is two weeks away and all I want to do is take a very, very long nap. Don’t get me wrong – this whole process has been incredible and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. But let’s just say “time consuming” doesn’t even begin to cover it, girlfriend.


I’ve always had a passion for details. Embroidery, zippers, fringe, the whole bit. When I was designing my first collection, I wanted to make something really classic and simple. So for my second collection, which I will be debuting at Austin Fashion Week, I wanted to give myself more freedom to take some risks with the details.

This collection is definitely more wild – from trims and embroidery to fabrics and textures, everything is much more va-va-voom. I still don’t think I have enough details, but I suppose that’s the thing about being a designer: you’re always looking ahead to your next collection and how you can innovate.

Details: I wanted to go way over the top with my accessories - luckily my BFF Becky is a badass jewelry maker. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Details: I wanted  over the top accessories – luckily my BFF Becky is a badass jewelry maker!

There are also a lot more components involved in doing runway show than there are in just designing a collection. Suddenly you have to think about accessories jewelry, shoes, belts, bags. Then there’s hair and makeup to think about. And of course, the music! What started as simply taking photos of pieces and putting them online for sale has turned into a full-fledged, live-action, living and breathing fashion production!

Another aspect that I have learned to juggle in preparation for Austin Fashion Week is my calendar. Not only did I have a full collection to design in a matter of months, but I had a whole slew of deadlines to keep straight. Between the Fashion Week particulars, Photographer, Web Designer, Models, Fabric Designer, and Garment Makers I had more dates on my calendar than a hollywood gold digger.

It’s certainly tough to keep all the deadlines straight, but I think the key is keeping in communication. It’s really important to me to be respectful of everyone’s time – after all, my colleagues are also mothers, husbands, artists, and friends – and I want people to feel like they’re working with me to meet deadlines, not working for me. The key to good collaboration, I have found, is a three-step process: 1) Be patient, 2) Be organized, and 3) Always have a backup plan.

As with any pursuit that is worth your time, there will be bad days. Your fabric will come out crooked. Your web designer will move across the world. Your head will hurt and your latte will spill. On the bad days, dedication is what gets you through; not only the dedication to your passion that lives within yourself, but remembering the dedication of those around you who are all working together to help you achieve your dreams.