Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone. Now, I know what you’re all thinking: How can it already be over?! Amy hasn’t disclosed all of her brilliant thoughts on the shows! Well, you’re in luck doll face. Below are three of my favorite shows from NYFW 2017 along with – you guessed it – my thoughts.


Marchesa designers Chapman and Craig pretty much embodied La Vie en Rose this year with a delicate pink stroke of their genius hands. The show was all-out royally romantic, evoking nostalgic femininity through powder blues, lavenders, and sweet pinks finished periodically with a pearly luster that just screams princess.

Never ones to be trend followers, Champan and Craig reminded us of the gentle beauty and darling elegance so often overlooked in the fashion world, wrapped in their signature tulles and flowers.

It would be a gross understatement to say that I love Marchesa – they’re out of the box, girly, and conjure a kind of baroque magic that is just so. damn. cute. Lots of inspiration from this show this year!



If you’ve read my latest blog, which I’m sure you have, you already know my preoccupation with Ralph. Well, this year he decided to throw his show in his townhouse. Really? My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, because I do not know a universe this cruel otherwise. *wipes tears with wine glass*

Of course his townhouse was decorated top to bottom in classic candor – greenery and orchids covered every single inch of empty space because he is a straight up King. As for the show, visions of safari-inspired designs incorporating everything from knits to leather to shimmering gowns once again asserted Ralph’s position as the master of unity through contrast.

The man makes simple look so classy, and classy look so simple. And don’t forget he dressed the First Lady in that gorgeous blue dress. Hats off to you, my darling Ralph!


First off – what a cute name. Is it an Anglo thing that everyone just has to have precious names? Anyway, Temperley may not be a household name like Marchesa or Ralph Lauren, but they are definitely a huge inspiration of mine and a designer to put on your radar.

This year’s floral prints, embroideries, and silk jacquards were off the charts. I also loved the fact that they paired a lot of the more embellished tones with crisp white button-downs, which never fails to be simply sexy. Also, can we talk about their slouchy sequined and velvet jumpsuits? Yes, please!

The element that really stands out to me about this brand is the interesting details that they utilize in their fashions. Skirts with knife pleats, a glittery black dress with a plunging neckline – there’s always a little something *extra* that goes into each piece, and really puts some punch into the finish. Great name, great show, great scott! (Am I British yet?)