Last week I was looking forward to New York Fashion Week and now, now my little darlings we are right in the middle of it. But before I divulge all of my thoughts on that, I want to talk a little bit more about my favorite designers and how they have inspired me.

I know you’re dying to know my opinions on all things NYFW, but you’re just gonna have to wait until next week. After all, Fashion Week ain’t over until (I give you all of my half-baked opinions on it and) I say it’s over.


Ralph Lauren. The king of cool. The guy started off designing ties (love that) and now he’s a household name. His signature classy-yet-cowboy, rugged-yet-refined style is so uniquely him. Midnight Cowboy meets Richie Tenenbaum in a sultry, preppy explosion of whiskey couture.

And his runway shows – just glossy! I also love that he is in control of every minute aspect of his company. He is the boss. So people say he is a control freak with a quick temper and little patience. So what. Ralph didn’t get where he is today by making compromises on his vision. He sticks with his gut and relentlessly pursues perfection. I admire that.

Fun fact: Ralph Lauren has a huge ranch in Colorado that is meticulously decorated to a T with his signature design. Plaid blankets a plenty, denim comforters with suede bedding accessories, Schnauzers and Vizslas running free. (Okay maybe not the dog thing but my friend did used to work on his ranch so I have the other details on good authority!) And, to top it all off, his sweet daughter Dylan opened up the mecca of sugary confections in 2001 with Dylan’s Candy Bar.

And then there’s The Queen of Everything. One woman – one word has completely redefined the world of fashion forever: Chanel. Widely regarded as the most legendary fashion designer to ever grace the face of the earth, CoCo Chanel changed the game with her bold and unapologetic designs that were a direct reflection of her fierce personality.

The line is now lead by Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, who also has his own brand that you may have heard of – Fendi. To this day, I love anything Chanel! I draw inspiration from Chanel with tweeds, sheer fabrics, whimsical floral fabrics and lots of details. The detail that goes into the the cuffs of blouses, the trim on pants, the textured trims on all the ready to wear garments – it’s flawless.

I also love the way Chanel strands of pearls are incorporated in every runway show – such a classy move. The runway shows for Chanel are always out of this world, but loooong (or so I have heard) so if you ever get the chance to attend one, do yourself a favor and pack a fruit rollup in your clutch girlfriend. Speaking of runway shows, I heard one time that Chanel had a show in Milan that Anna Wintour walked out of because they employed strippers and a adult-film star! What???!!! 

Andas if having the classiest, most darling clothing designs ever wasn’t enough, Chanel also has a pretty incredible purse and shoe line. I myself am still waiting for a pair of those iconic black Chanel boots. *Sigh*  One day. I guess I’ll just have another a fruit rollup while I wait.