As New York Fashion week approaches this year, I am anxiously looking forward to the flood of inspiration, admiration and, at times, intimidation that comes along with what most designers consider to be the fashion event of the year.

But before fashion’s legends debut their latest and greatest this month, I wanted to take a little time to look back on some of my personal favorite designers and how they have influenced my work as a fashion entrepreneur.

After all, our ideas are only as good as the people who inspire them.


Let’s get one thing straight: I am obsessed with Valentino. I love the details he puts into his clothing work with pleats, animal prints and piping. I take a lot of inspiration from his sheer fabrics and embroidery, which he always executes with total elegance.

He designed many pieces for Jacqueline Kennedy, which is just awesome. A man of many mediums, he also has a pretty sick purse line and a great shoe line – both of which exhibit an edgier look.

As if that weren’t enough, Val adores dogs (Can we please be best friends?) and he even named a line of clothing after his late pug Oliver. Did I mention he has 6 pugs? Plus he’s Italian. The man has it going on.


And then there’s Isabel Marant, holding it down for the ladies. I love love LOVE her! She has such great style – vintage charm with a bit of a bohemian flair.

Her runway shows are hip, trendy and just get you moving with the vibe of fashion. Metallics, denim, slouchy trousers and bohemian prints are some of her signature pieces and her Summer 2017 line is edgy with lots of boy shorts, flowy tops, fitted mini dresses, jumpsuits and mini skirts.

Not only does Isabel Marant have impeccable style, she also designs for a wide range of people – not just the incredibly thin and wealthy. She has her signature brand. She has a great children’s line which she launched in 2004. She even has an Etoile line which has lower prices and is more affordable for average, middle-income queens such as myself.

Fun fact: I own a pair of her sequin pants that she made in collaboration with H&M. Yes, she makes pants that actual people can afford. And yes, they are everything.