I did not know one thing about the Fashion world when I first began this journey! I thought to myself many times “Is this crazy?” What I did know was that I did not ever want to look back and say “What if”.

It took crazy confidence to start this path of fashion and I was not aware of the many obstacles ahead of me. I was excited, nervous and motivated. I learned quickly that this industry was hard work and a lot of self determination. I started to recognize the vocabulary of buzz words such as: bias, selvage, markers and grading. It was a bit overwhelming. I knew this would be something that was going to be challenging and would require a serious commitment.

I decided to keep my path quiet so I could focus on the task at hand. I was successful until my husband questioned my workspace in the back of my car that housed my patterns. That is when Harry Rex clothing came to take shape. I was eager to learn what was ahead of me!